How did Monoprix choose digital to replace the paper catalogs both for its customers and industrial brands?

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Thanks to ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology, Monoprix boosts industrial brands’ visibility and sales.

Monoprix is ​​transforming its paper catalog into a digital catalog, replacing traditional advertising with digital advertising at for industrial brands, locally.

This campaign allowed to :

  • Generate significant store traffic

  • Optimize communication for each store by FLAI, the artificial intelligence at the heart of ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology

  • Strengthen ARMIS and Monoprix partnership to allow brands to make their voice heard on the Internet, locally

To discover in this case :

  • Advertising activations and digital window displays concrete examples

  • Promising results : for 1 euro invested, Monoprix was able to generate between 1.5 and 4 euros of additional turnover

  • A contact cost 4 to 6 times cheaper than the paper catalog

Testimonial : 

“It is a real new lever of Advertising and communication for brands, for manufacturers which promote with us”

says Florence Chaffiotte, Marketing, Digital and Innovation Director at Monoprix

Le cas Carrefour Pepsico

In video ARMIS Multilocal Advertising solution with Monoprix  case study.

Find our contribution with Florence Chaffiotte, Marketing, Digital and Innovation Director at Monoprix and Dan Gomplewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of ARMIS at Hubday Retail on February 14, 2019.

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