Intermarché uses ARMIS Multi-Local Advertising technology to improve the impact of its promotional highlights locally for each store.

Thanks to ARMIS technology, Intermarché stores relay digital advertising operations locally. This message is personalized, optimized and provides better results than a traditional digital advertising campaign.

 This campaign allowed to :

  • A sales rise accross all stores
  • An incremental tunover higher than advertising investments

To discover in this case:

  • ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology integration by a major retail chain
  • Examples of advertisements deployed : Google and Facebook ads, banners and window displays created by ARMIS
  • The promotional operation results : contact cost, ROI, dominant audience cluster
  • Intermarché’s testimonials


Watch a video presentation of this collaboration by David Baranes, co-founder at ARMIS and Charles Giannesini, Customer Marketing Manager at Intermarché. Click here


Le cas Carrefour Pepsico

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