HOW intermarchÉ has optimizing its local commmunication thanks to the armis technology for the past 3 YEARS ? 

 Intermarché is offering the stores to reduce the distribution of print circulars by up to 30% and to rebalance the media mix with digital.

Thanks to ARMIS SaaS platform, the retailer relays the commercial operations on the internet around each store. The digital message generated is personalized, optimized and allows better results than a traditional digital campaign. 

 This partnership allows :

  • The stores to find the right balance between print and digital to increase their advertising pressure. 
  • To generate incremental sales higher then the advertising investments.

To discover in this case:

  • A partnership to enhance the local image of Intermarché stores by integrating the ARMIS Multilocal technology. 
  • Testimonials from Anne – Marie Gaultier Marketing & Communication Director and Nicolas Paepegaey Director of Transformation and Digital, both at Intermarché. 
  • A comparison of the 2017 to 2019 figures in order to grasp the real opportunities offered by the ARMIS platform. 
  • An enlightened explanation of the ARMIS solution and its SaaS platform works. 


Le cas Carrefour Pepsico

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