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Sébastien Berrier joins ARMIS as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Previously Chief Data & Technology Officer of Nextperf, this pioneer in adtech completes the leadership team to accelerate the technology developments of ARMIS

Paris, November 29, 2016 – ARMIS, which digitalizes local advertising for physical retailers, announced it has appointed Sébastien Berrier as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). A true pioneer of Multi-Local Advertising (MLA) technologies, ARMIS provides physical retailers with solutions to compete with the web’s giant and grow in-store traffic.

Sébastien Berrier - CTOBerrier was previously Chief Data & Technology Officer at Nextperf, a pioneer in retargeting solutions and artificial intelligence applied to online marketing. The company was bought in July 2016 by Rakuten Marketing, a global leader in omni-channel marketing. M. Berrier was instrumental in building the foundation of Nextperf technology platform, then led its development by leveraging advanced know-how around big data and machine learning techniques applied to online advertising. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (France) and London School of Economics (UK).

His arrival at ARMIS highlights the solid ambition of the young company. M. Berrier will lead the development of ARMIS technology platform, as well as future evolutions of product architecture.

“The technology challenge around Multi-Local Advertising is very exciting. Techniques that have emerged those past few years around online advertising using artificial intelligence work very differently when they are applied to local advertising, in limited geographic areas around the stores. A new unique expertise needs to be built to manage this type of advertising efficiently.” said Sébastien Berrier.

“Sébastien has been instrumental in building in France the knowledge around big data and machine learning applied to online advertising, it’s unique for a start-up to lean on such senior experience” said David Baranes ARMIS co-founder.

“Sébastien is able to translate into technical terms the challenges faced by retailers for local advertising, and find solutions to help them compete efficiently against Amazon” Dan Gomplewicz, ARMIS co-founder concludes.




Founded in 2016, ARMIS digitalizes local advertising for physical retailers in order to grow in-store traffic. It aims at providing physical retailers with online advertising tools to compete with the web’s giant and attract near-by consumers. To that end, ARMIS has developed Multi-Local Advertising (MLA) technologies based on geolocation, programmatic, big data & machine learning.

Based in Paris, ARMIS is born from the mix of expertise in adtech and retail from David Baranes, ex Vice-President Market Development at AppNexus, the world’s largest independent adtech company, and Dan Gomplewicz, ex Director of Strategy & Innovation at E.Leclerc, France’s largest retailer.