People company

Alone we go faster, together we go further – African Proverb 

Operational excellence

High expectations are the key of evolution –  Sam Walton, Founder Walmart 

Fast learner

Mutations drive our evolution – PR Charles-Xavier, X-MEN 



Diversity is ARMIS’ first asset: diversity of professions and skills, but of nationalities also. So is Equality, 45% of our talents are women. I.e. 33% out of the 70% of technical profiles at ARMIS are women.

Marketing Team

The Marketing team provides support and tools to the sales team to expand our client portfolio, automate prospecting and develop the ARMIS brand identity. They also collaborate with the HR team to build the ARMIS employer brand. The team is responsible for optimizing the website, growing the ARMIS community on social networks and managing various professional events.

Sale Team

The sales team is composed of Key Account Managers. The KAMs are specialized by sector of activity and are each responsible for prospects and customers using our SaaS. The sales team works closely with the Sales Engineer, Customer Success, Partnerships and Marketing teams to sign new customers, support them, build loyalty and generate upsell.

International Team

The international team gathers different international profiles to develop ARMIS and make our SaaS solution known to food and non-food retailers in Europe and America. They also work in collaboration with the Marketing team to participate to international events and the SE & CSM team to support new international customers and build loyalty by meeting their needs.

SE & CSM Team

The Sales Engineer & CSM team is in charge of coordinating the internal teams between the commercial and technical operational parts, as well as supporting our customers. This concerns the implementation of campaigns, the proper integration of the platform on their premises, the analysis of the performance of the campaigns and their follow-up in the use of the platform (training, product enrichment, support).

Engineering Team

The Engineering team is composed of developers, devops profiles, and engineers who deal with test automation. They work in close collaboration with the Product Management team as well as with the other technical teams of ARMIS. They develop our SaaS console as well as many other tools and APIs used internally.  The team is also responsible for the cloud infrastructure and software architecture.

Data Team

The mission of the Data R&D team is to provide the Artificial Intelligence components that make our SaaS multi-local advertising product relevant and to feed them with a stream of quality data. In this team, Data Scientists/Engineers and Software/ML Engineers work together from the beginning of each project to deliver more performance for our clients’ campaigns thanks to our predictive and decisional models.

Product Team

The Product team listens to our customers in order to offer them a product that meets their needs. They define the product roadmap with the founders, design the features of our SaaS platform, pilot developments with the team of developers respecting the agile method and orchestrate the release of the features with our CSM.

BI Team

The Business Intelligence team is at the heart of the monitoring, steering and measurement of multi-local campaigns. Composed of analytical profiles, it relies on data to perform complex analyses for reporting purposes and always with the objective of improving campaign performance. They also work closely with the Data R&D team to develop experimental protocols to validate the deployment of new algorithms for optimizing multilocal campaigns.

Media Team

The Media team is focused on setting up campaigns on advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook and Xandr. They also work on testing new platform features (new advertising formats, new types of campaigns) in order to offer our clients even more added value. Finally, they work on building privileged partnerships with media platforms.

Support Team

The Support team is specialized in digital media platforms (Google, Facebook, Xandr, DV360, Waze). Its objective is to ensure the smooth running of advertising campaigns for ARMIS clients.
In this sense, the team intervenes from the beginning to the end of the life cycle of an operation at ARMIS by studying the specific media requests of the customers, launching the creation of the advertising campaigns, carrying out a series of controls and finally, by intervening in the event of problem on the media platforms.
The team also supports the other ARMIS teams in a growing number of operational tasks. This strong cross-functional approach ensures continuity of service in operations and the scalability required to scale up activities.

Production Team

The Production team is at the heart of the creation process of our clients’ advertising campaigns. They are responsible for creating the campaigns, enriching them with new functionalities, building tools to automate different processes and also to respond to the needs of clients that are not met by the SaaS platform.

HR Team

The HR team combines its skills to serve the other teams and the business on a daily basis: recruitment, office management, payroll, training, HR policies and social relations. Their main mission is to equip and support all teams to enable them to meet all challenges in accordance with our values and to enable everyone to flourish within the company, personally and professionally.