Cookies Policy



 1. What is this « Cookies Policy »?

This “Cookies Policy” describes how ARMIS and third parties that we endorse, use cookies when you interact with our Website or the services offered by our Website. The objective of this policy is to allow you to understand the purpose and the origin of the cookies so you can decide wheter you consent to them being dropped or not.


2. What are the « Cookies » ?

Cookies are unique identifiers, usually small pieces of text or code. Cookies are usually stored on your device or browser. They return certain information to the party who sent the cookie. When we say “cookies”, we are actually referring to a wide range of technologies, other than cookies, which include beacons, pixels and other similar technologies.

 When we refer to first party cookies, we are referring to cookies sent by ARMIS. When we refer to third-party cookies, we are referring to cookies sent by parties other than ARMIS.


3. How are the Cookies used ?

Cookies are used to understand better how applications and Websites work and to optimize online and mobile experiences. Cookies allow the party that sends the cookie to analyze the performance of a Website or mobile application, to anonymously identify certain users and remember their preferences, to better understand whether a computer or device (and probably its user) has previously visited a Website and to send personalized advertisements.


4. What types of cookies are used on the Website?

Our Website mainly uses three types of cookies :

Strictly necessary Cookies

Such cookies are essential to the Website operation. They allow you to browse and use our Website. If you disable these cookies, the Website can no longer function properly.

 According to the applicable regulation, these cookies do not require your consent. You can however block tese cookies modfying the settings in your browser or device, but the functioning of certain parts of our website could be affected negatively.

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    Third party cookies


    Cookie Name


    Data Collector

    Privacy Policy 


    This cookie contains consent information for custom purposes and vendors, as well as Didomi-specific information (user ID, for instance).



    This cookie is used to monitor that our website is functioning well.



    This cookie allows Didomi to check the language of the browser and use it in the CMP




    • Cookies de performance et de suivi d’audience

    These cookies collect information about how visitors use the Website and monitor the Website’s performance. For example, performance cookies tell us which pages are popular on our Website, monitor traffic to our Website and compile anonymous analytical information. Performance cookies may also be used to identify and resolve problems with the operation of our Website.

    These cookies can only be used with your consent.

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Third party cookies : 


Cookie Name


Data Collector

Privacy Policy


This cookie contains the IAB TCF consent string and consent information for vendors belonging to the vendors list for each purpose



This cookie is used to store te state of a browser session



This cookie is used to distingish users



This cookie is used to store information about the hour at which a synchronisation with the cookie lms_analytics happened for the users in the designated countries



  • Advertising cookies


We allow third parties to provide personalized advertising content on our Website and/or third party sites and applications. These third parties use cookies to understand your interest in the advertising messages and content delivered to you and to provide you with advertising messages that are more relevant to your activities on our Website. 

 For example, third-party cookies may record information about whether you have clicked on certain content or advertising messages on our Website or other sites. 

 We do not control or have access to third party advertising cookies or the information they contain. Third parties manage the information they collect through the cookies they place in accordance with their privacy policies.

 These cookies can only be used with your conset. You can chose not to consent to the use of these advertising cookies, but please note that you will still see onlin advertising.


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First party cookies


Nom du cookies



This cookie is used to collect data on impressions clicks, and conversion of ads that redirect to our website


Thirs party cookies : 


Nom du cookies


Responsable de traitement

Politique de confidentialité 


This cookie contains a unique randomly-generated value that enables the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices



Thisj cookie contains data denoting whether a Xandr cookie ID (uuid2) is synced with other partners of Xandr



This cookie identifies borw

Ce cookie identifie les navigateus pour offrir des services publicitaires et d’analyse de sites



To store and track conversions.



This cookie is used to distinguish users



This cookie is used to serve and measure and improve the relevance of advertising.



This cookie is used to serve Google ads outsisde on websites outside of Google



5. How can I consent or refuse cookies subject to my consent?

During your first visit to our site, you are asked if you consent to the droping of cookies. You can accept all cookies subject to your consent, refuse all these cookies or configure your choice, by consenting only to certain types of cookies.

 We keep the proof of your choice for 6 months.

 You can change your mind at any time by clicking on the “Consent Choices” link at the bottom of each page of our site.

 6. If I Have more questions?

If you have any questions after reading this “Cookie Policy”, you can contact Armis at the following email adress: or by mail at the following address:


Data protection officer

21 rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris, France

You can also consult the ARMIS Data Protection Policy by clicking here.