different targeting techniques

Today, in order to target prospects around your point of sales, you have several options:

Classic targeting,
native to all platforms

Icone Mailbox

Postal code targeting

which involves all people in the cities concerned

Icone cible

Single-circle targeting

which involves everyone in a predetermined km radius
around the point of sale

Advanced targeting,
much more precise and complex

Icone localisation

Territory specific divisions targeting

which assigns specific addresses to catchment areas based on
territories or countries specific divisions

Icone voiture

Isochrone targeting

which reaches all prospects in a within a defined area based
on travel time to the shop

At ARMIS we’ve developped a unique targeting technique that encapsulates all of the ones above:

 geocircling, A UNIQUE targeting method

Illustration geocircling

Thanks to their technology, ARMIS enables you to target consumers around your point of sales with a unique accurancy that maximizes your in-store visits all the while eliminating the risk of competition between two outlets of the same brand.

This solution, based on territory specific divisions targeting, is thus much more precise than any kind of postal code or single-circle targeting.

GeoCircling targeting generates a combination of circles that perfectly match the catchment area of each shop.

On other platforms, only postal code or single-circle targeting are offered, but they cannot perfectly match your catchment area.

People who are reached by your brand’s digital ads are those most likely to visit your store, whatever the broadcast channel.


benefits of geocircling

The most accurate geotargeting method on the market

50% less wastage

Thanks to such an accurate targeting method, you will no longer reach prospects from other outlets of your own brand and no longer fear cannibalization.

95% zone coverage

In thiw way, avoid automatic over-targeting that reaches prospects outside your catchment area and doesn’t reach prospects in other cities that are actually within it.

30% Drive-to-Store increase

Digital advertising bring people in store (Barometer 2021 ARMIS – HARRIS Interactive

100% identical targeting over all platforms (Xandr, Google, Facebook, Waze, DV360...) and for every country.

The ARMIS solution can be deployed on many platforms, and in many formats, to reach your prospects and customers where they consume advertisments: on the Internet