our mission

While e-commerce has profoundly changed world trade and stimulated the retail sector, it has also brought a radical change in commerce. Today we order a few products on Amazon, tomorrow Amazon will deliver these products to us automatically every month, the day after tomorrow Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and services will be so powerful that they will make the decisions about all our consumption for our greatest comfort. But as a result, it will turn commerce into a cold and disembodied experience. 

Our conviction: traditional retailers are, with their physical stores, the keystone of an alternative proposal of commerce, deeply human. A social commerce (meeting people, exchanging with sellers), sensual (seeing, smelling, tasting, touching products) that puts the consumer at the heart of the decision. 

ARMIS’ mission is to help retailers defend this more human approach of commerce. 

To achieve this, ARMIS’ vision is based on the exploitation of AI as a key tool for transformation. This AI enables retailers to adapt to today’s technological issues, consumer demands and ecological challenges. But also to compete effectively against Amazon, while exploiting the major digital platforms, by leveraging the most powerful assets of the retailers: their stores, their brand and their product selection. 

The challenge therefore remains in-store traffic. Today, promotion, still mostly distributed in the form of print catalog, remains the main driver of consumer movement. We have therefore built for retailers the SaaS platform based on AI that transforms the print circular into digital advertising optimized locally for each store. Its objective: to increase in-store traffic, at a lower cost, while empowering the retailer’s teams. 

ARMIS was born from the merger of the technology and retail expertise of David Baranes, ex VP Market Development of AppNexus (now Xandr), the world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, ex Director of Strategy and Innovation at E.Leclerc.


Trophées LSA

LSA is the leading retailer publication in France. The “Trophées LSA du cross-canal” rewards each year the most innovative companies at the crossroad of digital and retail. ARMIS is a 2017 awardee


I-Lab is a national competition organized by the Ministry of Reseach, Education & Innovation that selects the most innovative companies in France. ARMIS was a 2017 awardee

BOURSE french tech

La FrenchTech is the label for innovative French companies. ARMIS was granted a special prize “Bourse FrenchTech” in recognition of its unique technology

Réseau Entreprendre

Reseau Entreprendre Paris is an association of business leaders who assist entrepreneurs with high potential of development and job creations topics


Telecom Paris tech

Telecom ParisTech is the business incubator of French engineering school Telecom ParisTech which has leading programs in Big Data & Machine Learning

Meta business partner

The program aims to identify, select and support companies like ARMIS with high potential that bring technological added value in the exploitation of Facebook and Instagram platforms for advertisers. For more information