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Track your performance from your ARMIS interface

The ARMIS SaaS interface gives you a comprehensive view of the overall performance of your campaigns, in real time.

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Among the data at your disposal, you will find,

at both the local and national level:

Media metrics

-Cost per click (CPC)
-Click-through rate (CTR)

Audience data

-Profile data

Visits data

-Number of visits
-Cost of store visit

Product data

-Top products
-Top categories



At the end of your campaigns, ARMIS provides you with comprehensive reports, 
written by our analytics experts, accompanied by your dedicated ARMIS points of contact who know your business and your environment.


ARMIS partners with multiple partners to provide you with your most important metrics, such as your CPVs or in-store visits from your operations.

Adsquare is an Audience & Location Intelligence Platform offering two Drive-to-Store measurement solutions: a real-time solution and post-campaign studies. Adsquare follows the journey of mobile users via a 100% SDK GPS feedback. All digital levers can be measured: Mobile, Search, Display, Social, Waze…


The Kairos Fire platform allows to measure and optimize the impact of advertising campaigns on in-store traffic. The data is as reliable as possible thanks to a technology based on boxes installed in the stores.
Eaysence is a platform that stores and analyzes data from Internet users. Through a technology based on geolocation, this ARMIS partner can calculate the impact of your campaigns in terms of incremental sales.
Google's store visit metric allows us to measure in real time the correlation between search clicks, display on the Google Display Network and the number of visits in stores.
Liveramp is a long time partner of ARMIS that allows us to calculate the ROI of campaigns. LiveRamp uses the data of your brand's inserts and provides you with the impact on the campaign's sales (Facebook and Programmatic) at the end of the campaign.

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