Carmila chooses ARMIS to amplify its message on digital media as close as possible to the point of sale.

Each year, Carmila Group’s shopping centers distribute to their customers and prospects promotional coupons with discounts usable in the different retailers of the shopping center. Although these coupons are also distributed in stores, most of their distribution is done in physical mailboxes.

To digitize these coupons, Carmila used the multilocal solution developed by ARMIS. This solution transforms each coupon into a geolocated and visible advertising message only for customers around the shopping center, within a 30 km limit defined by Carmila.


This campaign allowed to :

  • Increased traffic on retailers’ websites
  • Reduce significantly  the cost of contact
  • Optimize consumers targeting affected by retailers’ offers

To discover in this case :

  • The multilocale solution created by ARMIS
  • Examples of advertisements deployed : Google and Facebook ads, banners and digital window display
  • The campaign results : average consultation time on the digital window display, audience reached, comparison with traditional coupons and segmentation by device types
  • How ARMIS used Alkemics to improve the campaign content
  • Carmila’s testimony
Comment renforcer par le digital vos produits et vos marques au plus proche du magasin physique ?

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