2019 Survey: The synergy between print and digital advertising

Baromètre ARMIS & Harris Interactive

Digital advertising fills the void after printed advertisements lose their power to draw the french public into shops

ARMIS, in collaboration with Harris Interactive, has conducted its first barometer on the mix between paper and digital promotion. The results of this study show that promotion via digital channels is increasingly valued and that it is in line with the evolution of consumer behavior.

À To discover in this case :

  • Print advertisements fort offers are falling out of favour: 41% of French people routinely bin printed advertisements.
  • Digital channels are becoming increasingly valued for promotional offers: 72% of French people expect it will definitively replace paper.
  • Promotional offers continue to draw French shoppers into stores: 55% have gone to a shop in the past 3 month.
Baromètre 2019 ARMIS

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