How to handle your store network communication of all your network store on internet?

Boulanger integrates the ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology, and increases its sales by 3.4%.

Thanks to the outstanding campaign performances, ARMIS and Boulanger expand their partnership to go beyond the printed catalogue operations. 

This campaign enabled

  • An important return on the advertising investment
  • An optimized communcication for each store thanks to FLAI. The artificial intelligence is at the core of ARMIS multilocal advertising technology.
  • To strengthen the partnership between Boulanger and ARMIS.

You will find in this case :

  • Tangible examples of advertising activations and digital glassdoors.
  • Promising results : For each euro invested, Boulanger generated 12 euros in incremental revenue and a average campaign uplift of 3,4%.

He testifies : 

“Armis, pioneer in the Multilocal Advertising, allow our brand to place each stores at the center of our commercial operations.

-says Kévin Barvec, Opérational Marketing Manager and CRM at Boulanger.

Le cas Carrefour Pepsico

Discover the video presenting our partnership by Dan Gomplewicz, CEO and Co-Fonder of ARMIS, And Kevin Barvec Marketing and Operational Manager and CRM at Boulanger during the Connected Day 2018.

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