ARMIS Announces The Rollout Of Its SaaS Platform To Intermarché, Bricomarché & Bricorama To Reinvent Stores’ Communication In The Digital Era


Store owners will be able to reduce up to 30% of their traditional print circulars and rebalance the mix of media with digital.

The SaaS platform built on Artificial Intelligence enables operational teams to autonomously digitize circulars into customized advertising for each store.


Paris, October 23, 2019 – Intermarché, Bricomarché and Bricorama (Les Mousquetaires Group), France’s leading grocery and home equipment retailers, and ARMIS, an AI-powered SaaS platform, have signed a multi-year partnership on print circulars digitization and local advertising. This partnership is aligned with those retailers’ digital transformation strategy seeking innovative tools to better communicate with their consumers.

Founded in 2016, ARMIS empowers retailers to grow in-store traffic and sales through shop-centric digital communication of sales promotions in their catchment area. Its proprietary technology transforms sales operations into “multilocal” advertising campaigns, that are locally-optimized for each store.

Retailers can access ARMIS technology via a SaaS platform that enables them to industrialize online stores communication.

« This strategic partnership with Intermarché, Bricomarché and Bricorama gives their stores unparalleled digital powers in France. Those retailers demonstrate their spectacular capacity for innovation and change management by leading a massive network of stores to adopt these new communication techniques, while respecting their intimate knowledge of the local environment by letting them put the right balance between print and digital. » explains Dan Gomplewicz and David Baranes, co-founders of ARMIS.


Two goals : strengthen stores online communication and digitize circulars


By rolling-out the ARMIS SaaS platform, Intermarché, Bricomarché and Bricorama will gain agility and autonomy in creating and activating multilocal campaigns. All business units will be relying on the SaaS platform to unlock the full potential of local advertising and data: CRM, market research, operational marketing, trade marketing; at various scales: national, regional or local. The three retailers will increase their circulars’ digitization by refining the best mix between print and digital for each store and, in the end, increase store traffic and customer knowledge while minimizing communication costs. The platform is initially rolled-out to Intermarché, Bricomarché and Bricorama stores and will then spread to other retailers within Les Mousquetaires group.

« Customers’ habits are evolving fast. They spend more and more time online and they are deeply concerned about environmental issues. This is why Intermarché wishes to allow each store to optimize its communication mix between the traditional print circular and digital advertising. Using ARMIS SaaS platform, we will be launching several digital operations per month for Hyper, Super and Express stores in 2020. Through this partnership, we have in our hands a powerful tool which powers our marketing department to drive our digital transformation. » explains Thierry Cotillard, CEO of Intermarché and Netto.

« The DIY market is facing an emergency because of serious competition from pure-players! With this strategic partnership with ARMIS, Bricomarché and Bricorama aim to empower their stores to promote themselves online in order to bring customers in-store. Bricomarché and Bricorama are consolidating their partnership with ARMIS by committing all their stores to use the SaaS platform for all major sales operations. We had very promising results with ARMIS that convinced us to equip ourselves with their platform. » explains Thierry Coulomb, CEO of Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama.


A SaaS platform powered by an innovation in AI


The strength of the ARMIS SaaS platform lies in its innovative machine learning technology FLAI – Fast Learning Artificial Intelligence.
Classic algorithms are designed to optimize advertising performance for long and nationwide campaigns. They are not adapted to meet the specific needs of local advertising, characterized by high geographical concentration of collected data and short ad delivery time. FLAI has been created to address these constraints and allow each store to adapt its communication to its environment and its local audience.


About Les Mousquetaires group
With more than 4,000 points of sale in Europe and a turnover of 44.5 billion euros in 2018, the group Les Mousquetaires is one of the major players in retail. Created in 1969, based on private initiative, the group gathered more than 3,000 independent business leaders and 150,000 employees. The Group’s retailers are Intermarché, Netto (food) ; Roady, Rapid Pare-Brise, American Car Wash (car maintenance); Bricomarché, Brico Cash et Bricorama (DIY). The Group has an integrated real estate property, .IMMO Mousquetaires. In France, with 62 production sites and its position as “Manufacturers & Retailers”, the group is also, in France, the 4th leading player for agribusiness. In addition to France, the Mousquetaires are also in Belgium, Poland and Portugal. For more information, and @mousquetairesfr

À propos d’ARMIS
ARMIS develops an AI-powered SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that transforms retailers’ traditional print circulars into “multilocal” online ads, that are locally-optimized for each store. With ARMIS, retailers can increase footfall in stores at a lower cost while improving customer knowledge locally. Retailers can then compete effectively with Internet giants like Amazon leveraging their most powerful assets : their brands, their offerings, and their physical stores. Based in Paris, ARMIS was born from the mix expertise in technology and retail from David Baranes, former VP Market Development at AppNexus, the world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, former Director of Strategy & Innovation at E.Leclerc. For more information, and @Armis_Tech


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