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ARMIS is going to conquer the international market


Strengthened by its leadership in France, the company has made Southern Europe,

Belgium and then the United States its development priorities in 2021.

Already launched in Italy and Portugal

In 2016, David Baranes and Dan Gomplewicz made a bet: to combine their respective expertise in technology and retail to found ARMIS. Built on artificial intelligence, their solution transforms print circulars and the sales operations of retailers into “multilocal” digital advertisements, i.e. optimally distributed around each store. By helping them boost their online visibility and thus compete with e-commerce giants, ARMIS has won over many players in the food and non-food industries. Among them, Monoprix, Intermarché, Bricomarché, Bricorama, Bricocash, Norauto, or Stokomani. 

In addition to the precision and robustness of its technology, made available in 2019 through the SaaS platform, it is also scalable to all markets, whatever the language, the criteria for dividing catchment areas or the density of retailers. For example, ARMIS has already run campaigns for Auchan in Portugal, and is currently supporting Leroy Merlin in Italy to boost their omnichannel sales. On the strength of these successes, the company will lay the foundations for its international expansion in southern European countries and Belgium. Then, on the US market, by the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Investing in international markets is the logical next step in our development strategy. This year 2020 has not only accelerated the realization of this ambition,
but also confirmed the choice we made 4 years ago in terms of positioning.” comments David Baranes, co-founder of ARMIS.  

“In these initial target countries, we plan to recruit internationally in order to increase awareness of the ARMIS solution. Among our objectives between now and 2022: the opening of several offices and the achievement of 30% of our turnover abroad!” concludes Dan Gomplewicz. 

A year 2020 under the sign of growth

In 2020, the pandemic and the discontinuation of the print circulars at the time of the first lockdown accelerated all the fundamental trends that ARMIS had anticipated, positioning itself as a pioneer and leader in the digitalization of promotion: digital transformation, refocusing on the local, omnicanal development, key role of promotion, and ecological responsibility. An exceptional dynamic for the company, which has seen the use of its technology intensified by its existing customers and adopted by new retailers.

Driven by this growth, the company created a dedicated international team in September 2020, and welcomed Nathalie Azoulay as VP Sales France so that Dan Gomplewicz, co-founder, could lead the international development.

Increased ecological and ethical awareness

The local and Made in France also accelerated. More than just trends, the year 2020 has indeed anchored these uses in the consumption habits of the French. At the second confinement, 60% of them said they would wait for the reopening of local shops to make their Christmas purchases, to the detriment of e-commerce platforms like Amazon. A context in which the ARMIS solution, based on the promotion of the local, has become one of the answers.

En parallèle, parmi les propositions formulées par la Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat et acceptées par la Présidence, l’arrêt total de la distribution du prospectus papier en 2021. Une mesure attendue depuis quelques années déjà, lorsqu’on sait que 89% des Français le considèrent comme du gaspillage et 45% le jettent systématiquement. Une interdiction au cœur des débats dans la majorité des pays européens dans le cadre de leur lutte contre le réchauffement climatique, tous à la recherche d’alternatives : une opportunité majeure pour ARMIS.

ARMIS develops the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform built on artificial intelligence that enables retailers to generate omnichannel sales for their stores while reducing marketing costs. The platform transforms paper circulars and commercial campaigns into “multi-local” digital advertisements, i.e. optimally distributed around each store. This enables retailers to compete effectively with Internet giants like Amazon by leveraging their most powerful assets: their brands, offerings and physical stores. Based in Paris, ARMIS was born from the merger of the digital and retail advertising expertise of David Baranes, former VP Market Development of AppNexus (now Xandr, a subsidiary of AT&T), a world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, former Director of Strategy and Innovation at E. Leclerc. For more informations, et @Armis_Tech


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