The Multilocal Advertising pioneer offers to retailers a complete autonomy in the digitalization of their promotional period advertising.

With this SaaS platform, retailers can accelerate their transformation by unleashing the digital, local and data potential.  


Paris, the 8th of July 2019 – After a 7 million euros raised  since its creation and convinced major national brands, ARMIS launches its SaaS platform for food and specialized retailers.

Founded in 2016, ARMIS helps retailers compete with e-commerce giants by leveraging their most powerful assets – their brands, promotional offers and physical stores. Its proprietary technology transforms traditional business operations (catalog, flyer) into multi-local advertising campaigns, ie optimized locally for each store.

Retailers are more likely to arbitrate their paper and digital speaking engagements and increase store visits at lower cost effectively by engaging in online dialogue with their local customers.

With its SaaS platform launch, ARMIS combines this technology with agility and autonomy.



A takeover acclaimed by retailers

The ARMIS SaaS platform primarily provides retailers with the freedom to create and activate multi-local campaigns. A key issue when we know that 65% of French people are attentive to promotions and 72% expect digital replaces their paper diffusion (Harris Interactive-ARMIS Study, November 2018).

From now on, central or regional retailers teams can autonomously manage their online public speaking, activate large-scale campaigns, set up local campaigns, generate advertising content, monitor in real time the campaigns results and their performances, edit comprehensive analysis reports on offers, consumer preferences, catchment areas…



A central tool for the retailers digital transformation

With this campaign automation platform, retailers are attracting in-store traffic, optimizing the print-digital mix and enriching customer insights.

All professions can rely on the tool to unlock the local and data potential : CRM, purchasing, study, operational marketing, trade marketing, at different national, regional or local levels.

« This project embodies more than a year of development and active listening of our customers with whom we have co-built our SaaS platform. It is already used by some of them, who immediately noted the benefits. Although many improvements are planned in the coming months, it already brings them a head start. For ARMIS, this is an important step that allows us to evolve as a key partner to accelerate retailers digitalisation. » are delighted David Baranes and Dan Gomplewicz, co-founders of ARMIS.



A platform driven by a cutting edge technology

ARMIS SaaS platform strength is its innovative machine learning technology FLAI – Fast Learning Artificial Intelligence.
The ad performance market optimization standard algorithms are designed for long-running campaigns nationwide. They are poorly adapted to meet the local specific constraints, characterized by a high geographical concentration of data collected and a short communication time. FLAI has been developed to respond to these constraints and allows each store to adapt its communication and offers to its environment and to its audience characteristics of its catchment area.




ARMIS is developing a SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence that makes it possible to transform retailers advertising  into advertisement on the Internet, distributed optimally around each store. With ARMIS, retailers can increase in-store traffic by engaging in online dialogue with their local customers. They can compete effectively with Internet giants like Amazon leveraging their most powerful assets – their brands, their offerings, and their physical stores. The ARMIS platform is based on an innovative technology called “multi-local advertising” that combines geolocation, programmatic and machine learning. In these transformations, ARMIS supports retailers such as Intermarché, Monoprix, Boulanger, Norauto, Leroy Merlin, etc. Based in Paris, ARMIS was born from the merger of the digital and retail advertising expertise of David Baranes, ex VP Market Development of AppNexus, world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, former Director of Strategy and Innovation at E.Leclerc.

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