Paris, January 11, 2023 — The Carrefour Group, one of the largest retail brands in the world, announced in November 2022 as part of its strategic plan, its ambition to digitalize 80% of its paper prospectuses by the end 2024. ARMIS supports Carrefour in this digitalization.

The main objective of this transformation is to maintain local contactability of consumers. As the media landscape rapidly evolves, it is important for stores to reach their customers through digital channels.

ARMIS offers an innovative solution to meet this challenge. Thanks to its technological platform, it is now possible to automate the creation and management of local campaigns for each Carrefour store on platforms such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram) as well as Display on sites & Apps via the DV360 tool (Google).

Today, local digital campaigns orchestrated by ARMIS are deployed across all commercial operations for stores participating in the system. These local campaigns have become essential and are positioned as the primary catalog compensation channel, alongside CRM and specialized sites to guarantee local contactability of stores.

One of the notable successes of this support can be observed in the “OuiPUb” areas where catalogs are no longer distributed unaddressed in mailboxes. In these areas, stores suffered no impact despite the disappearance of catalogs thanks to the adoption of the digital system.

About ARMIS:

Using AI, ARMIS supports physical brands with automated local digital campaigns via various advertising channels (Google, Meta, etc.) for each point of sale, optimizing media investments. Expert in supporting physical networks towards digital, ARMIS helps brands attract and retain customers at points of sale.


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