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Diversity is the first ARMIS resource: Diversity of professions and skills but also of nationalities. It is also about equality, since 45% of our talents are women.

Business Development

The Business Development team is split into 3 divisions: one division supporting food retailers, a second supporting non-food retailers, and a last one, the trade marketing division, supporting both food and non-food brands. The role of the Business Developers is to recruit and build brand loyalty around our SaaS Platform.


The HR team combines its skills to serve other teams and the day-to-day business: recruitment, office management, payroll, HR policies and social relations. Their main mission is to equip and support all the teams in order to enable them to take up all the challenges we face in accordance with our values. In addition, the HR team also represents ARMIS at more than twenty school events and other Data, AI and Retail oriented forums every year.


The main missions of the Media team revolve around the configuration of campaigns on advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook and Xandr. They also work on the testing of new platform functionalities (new advertising formats, new types of campaigns). They work to build privileged partnerships with Google, Facebook and Xandr. Finally, they share their platform expertise within the other teams in order to contribute to product development.

Account Management

The Account Managers & CSM team is in charge of coordinating the internal and clients teams in the implementation of the campaigns, the proper integration of the platform with our clients, campaign performance analysis and client platform usage follow-ups (training, product enrichment, support)


The production team is at the heart of the creation process of our Multilocal Ads. It is responsible for creating Multilocal campaigns but also enriching them with new functionalities and building tools to automate campaign creation. Whether Python, Javascript, AppMaker, React (Gatsby framework) or HTML/CSS: the production team uses the most adapted technologies to carry out its missions.


The Product team is listening to our customers in order to offer them a product adapted to their needs. It defines the product roadmap with the founders, designs the functionalities of our SaaS platform, pilots the developments with the team of developers through agile methodologies and orchestrates the release of functionalities with our CSM team. This team organizes itself thanks to project management tools such as Trello and Clickup.


The Marketing team mission is to provide support and tools to the sales team to grow the business, develop the ARMIS brand identity in the Retail Tech market and collaborate with the HR team to develop our employer brand. The Marketing team is responsible for building and optimizing the website, developing the ARMIS community on social networks, organizing professional events and consolidating our identity as experts in the press.


The Tech team is at the core of the ARMIS platform development. Our developers work with a variety of technologies in order to adapt to all our product needs. The stack is composed of Typescript, Angular, ReactJS, Gatsby, Javascript for the frontend part, Java, Kotlin, Clojure, Python, Postgres for the backend part and GCP, AWS, Terraform, Docker for the framework part.
Our developers work on a daily basis to provide technical solutions by developing internal and external tools that meet the needs of the company as well as the needs of our customers.


The Data pole is divided into 3 profiles : The Business Intelligence Team carries out complex analyses and contributes to the growth of the business thanks to data. Data Scientists build machine learning algorithms to solve business and operational problems. Finally, Data Engineers implement scalable data ingestion pipelines and industrialize machine learning algorithms. This team is organized in Agile mode, coded in Python and Scala. Some of the technologies used are Sklearn, Spacy, H2O for machine learning, Apache Spark, Amazon Athena for big data. All the tools are deployed on cloud infrastructure.

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