Henkel Beauty Care Amplifies Awereness For Its Products Nearby Franprix Shops Leveraging ARMIS and Alkemics Technologies



Paris, August 30, 2017 – ARMIS enables physical retailers to use local advertising at scale with an AI-powered platform called “Multilocal Advertising”. The technology allows shops to grow in-store traffic leveraging digital media and therefore compete efficiently with the likes of Amazon. It combines geolocation, programmatic buying and machine learning.

Henkel Beauty Care, a business unit of the multinational chemical and consumer goods company Henkel, is a leader in Branded Consumer Goods with iconic brands like Schwarzkopf, Dial, Syoss. Franprix, a subsidiary of Casino Group, is the leader of proximity retail in France.

Context : Amplify the brands’ products communication and modernize the retailer’s local communication

Henkel Beauty Care was seeking to test new ways via digital channels to maximize the exposure of its Schwarzkopf and Palette Saint-Algue Hair Color products to Franpix clients. Meanwhile, Franprix was seeking to attract urban/connected consumers via digital local communication strategies nearby its shops in order to generate in-store traffic.
How it works : Ultra-local ads nearby the shops linked to “digital glassdoors” with branded content

ARMIS connected to the Alkemics platform in order to download automatically all products-realated content – this content was previously filled by Henkel Beauty Care on Alkemics

ARMIS Mutilocal Advertising technology displays the most relevant ads around each store. Consumers nearby the shops are reached by the ads while they are navigating on their Desktop, Mobile or Tablet devices. They are exposed to Schwarzkopf-Franprix or Palette Saint-Algue-Franprix co-branded messages.


There are three types of ads : Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Display Ads on websites via AppNexus.
The ads contain also the name of the nearest shop to the internet user.
The Multilocal Artificial Intelligence selects the right message to be delivered to the right client, at the right time, at the right place. The optimization is computed on several dimensions including product, channel, ad format, device, time of the day.

When they click on ads, consumers are landing on a dedicate mini-site. The mini-site has branded content with information on various hair color products available at Franprix as well as information on the nearest Franprix store.
This digital glassdoor is different for each shop. It contains various information on products including videos, comprehensive descriptions and advice on how to use the products. The combined information links the brand, the retailer and the consumer. It also helps the consumer get relevant insights before buying the products. The solution was used for Paris-based Franprix shops.



Results : a highly engaged audience : 

  • Average time spent with the brand on the digital glassdoor was 2 min
  • The segment 18-34 years represents almost 60% of the audience reached, followed by 35-44 years old which accounts for 15% of the audience reached.
  • 46% of ads were viewed on desktop, 38% on mobile and 16% on tablet


« The impacts of this Multilocal Advertising campaign were very positive. We were able to display an augmented brand content with photos, videos, thorough description of our products, and advice on how to use them, while creating an immediate link with the point of sale. This type of communication showed its efficiency to engage with consumers and surely strengthens our relationships with them.» said Sophie Moreau, Head of Digital & e-commerce, Henkel Beauty Care France


« We are excited about this innovative communication method which perfecly aligns with our proximity strategy and proved its efficiency to have local clients know better our shops specificities. We are looking to offer this type of innovative digital strategies in partnership with brands. » said Franprix


«The retail’s digital transformation strengthned the value of data at the core of collaboration and exchanges between brands and retailers. This campaign shows perfectly how brands need to connect their business solution directly to their data (product, marketing,…) in order to gain efficiency and quick execution on their marketing actions » declared Antoine Durieux, CEO, Alkemics.


« This campaign is a strong case of collaboration and successfull digital transformation. The Multilocal Advertising platform served the whole ecosystem : retailer, brands and tech start-ups» declared David Baranes & Dan Gomplewicz, co-founders of ARMIS.




Founded in 2016, ARMIS enables physical retailers to use local advertising at scale with an AI-powered platform called “Multilocal Advertising”. The technology allows shops to grow in-store traffic leveraging digital media and therefore compete efficiently with the web’s pure-players. It combines geolocation, programmatic buying and machine learning.
Based in Paris, ARMIS is born from the mix of expertise in adtech and retail from David Baranes, ex Vice-President Market Development at AppNexus, the world’s largest independent adtech company, and Dan Gomplewicz, ex Director of Strategy & Innovation at E.Leclerc, France’s largest retailer.
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About Henkel
Henkel has a worldwide footprint and a well balanced diversified portolio of activities. The company has marketshare worldwide in its three sectors with industrials as well as consumers, through its reputable brands, its innovations and its technologies. The Adhesive Technologies activity is the worldwide leader in adhesive – on all industrial segments worldwide. With its Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care activities, Henkel holds leading positions in a numerous markets and categories worldwide. Founded in 1876, Henkel leverages over 140 years of successful developments. Henkel has more than 50 000 employees worldwide.

About Alkemics 
Alkemics, a French start-up, acts as a catalyst of the consumer goods industry’s digital transformation. Its collaborative platform automates processes of products data collection and sharing between brands and retailers.
Today over 2700 brands use the plateform, and retailers using its solution represents more than 85% of the food e-commerce market in France.
Alkemics just launched its App Store where brands can access a catalog of marketing and merchandising business solutions like ARMIS. In one click, those business solutions can connect to the products data. Brands gain therefore efficiency and a quick executiion on their commercial and marketing actions!

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