how armis assists leroy merlin italy in boosting its omnichannel sales?

Leroy Merlin Italy uses ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology to optimize the impact of its local commercial operations for each of their stores

Thanks to ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology, Leroy Merlin Italy stores have been able to revitalize both online and physical sales while addressing the challenges presented by the complementarity of print and digital.

This campaign allowed for: 

  • A boost in sales across all point of sales throughout the second lowkdown
  • An increase in turnover
  • A highlighting of the brand’s advertising messages on the Internet

To discover in this use case:

  • The integration of ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology by a major retailer
  • Examples of displayed ads: advertisings on both Facebook and Google, and ad banners by ARMIS
  • Key figures about the promotional operation: conversion rate, cost per in-store visit


« ARMIS, a pioneer in Multilocal Advertising, allows us to take full advantage of the potential offered by digital by relaying our stores’ commercial operations to the local market. With its innovative system, our objective to increase and generate additional traffic for each store is met. »

– says Paolo Pacifici Head of Media at Leroy Merlin Italie


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