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Thanks to its great expertise and agility, ARMIS gave back their voices to ITM Équipement de la Maison’s points of sale.

BranITM Équipement de la Maison brands are transforming their paper catalog into a digital one in order to increase both their online and in-store sales and allow for more relevant advertising messages to be delivered around each point of sale and warehouse.

This campaign allowed to :

  • Generate significant in-store traffic and enrich the consumer experience.
  • Optimize communication for each store by FLAI, the artificial intelligence at the heart of the ARMIS Multilocal Advertising technology.
  • To further the partnership between ARMIS and ITM Équipement de la Maison by providing the points of sale with a reinforced digital presence.

To discover in this case :

  • Advertising activations and digital storefront displays concrete examples
  • Promising results : a cost per click at €0.44 and a Google click rate of 11.85%.
  • A continuous and personalized support from ARMIS teams to enable ITM Home Equipment to implement their campaigns smoothly and quickly

Testimonial : 

“The ARMIS technology allows us to take advantage of the potential and complementarity of the various advertising levers around each of our points of sale, while personalizing and adapting it according to local performance. Thanks to the digitalization of our campaigns, our network can benefit from both good ROI and a visibility boost, all through the relay of different types of messages (products, services, loyalty offers).”

says Emmanuel Cohen, Brands and Communications Manager at Bricomarché

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