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Intermarché Equipement de la Maison entrusts ARMIS with the launch of the Oui Pub and
and the paper phase-out.

ARMIS began working with Intermarché Équipement de la Maison (ITM EM) in September 2022 to implement the Oui Pub project in 30 specific stores (22 Bricomarché, 7 Bricorama, 1 Brico Cash). These stores have benefited from the advantages of the ARMIS solution to broadcast digital campaigns and reduce the use of catalogs.

The aim of this collaboration is to extend the use of ARMIS to all the company’s stores in 2023, based on the positive results of the test in areas impacted by Oui Pub, with a commitment to reduce paper use by around 50%.

To discover in this case :

  • Project solutions
  • Customer recommendation form
  • Benefits and results

Testimonial : 

“ARMIS has enabled us to offer our retailers affected by Oui Pub a new lever for local communication, by relaying all our digital commercial operations very precisely in their catchment areas. The results of this multi-local program in terms of store visits and sales growth are very encouraging for 2023!”

-says François CHARDON – Marketing & Digital Director ITM EM

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