🏆 On October 17th, with Stéphanie Guédon from Maisons du Monde, we first received the award for local digital activation organized by Les Cas d’OR du Digital with Pascal Gayat, at their event Digilocales. And proudly, we received the grand Gold Prize from the jury!

A big thank you first of all to the entire team of Maisons du Monde Francois-Melchior de Polignac Constance Fouquet Christophe Lapotre Victoire Clouët des Pesruches.

A large-scale project that empowers stores to strengthen their local digital presence, an interesting development for a predominantly integrated company.

Thank you of course to the entire ARMIS.TECH team and especially Rémi ALBRAND for all the energy on this project.

Finally, a big thank you to the exceptional jury for this boost of energy!