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CA COM GROUPE & ARMIS combine their technological



The combination of CA COM GROUPE’s Omnipublish platform and ARMIS’ multi-local advertising platforms offers retailers the

first automated solution for digital and local communication of commercial operations.


Paris, 20 April 2021 –  CA COM GROUPE, the leading French technology group dedicated to retail communication, and ARMIS, a pioneering platform for the digitalization of local retail operations, announce the joint integration of their technological solutions

This partnership gives birth to the first global solution for the industrialization and automation of local digital communication of commercial operations.

CA COM GROUPE’s Omnipublish technology connected to the ARMIS platform

Designed by CA COM GROUPE, the Omnipublish platform is as of today the only tool capable of digitizing and structuring all of the information related to the commercial communication of the retail chains (name, characteristics, prices, images of the products and associated promotional offers…). Omnipublish is a secure, harmonized and continuously enriched repository for all promotional data.

On their hand, ARMIS’ SaaS platform transforms this promotional information into locally optimized digital ads for each store using its AI technology.

These two solutions are now connected and the flow of promotional information collected by Omnipublish is automatically processed by the ARMIS platform.

This integration facilitates the industrialization and automation of omnichannel commercial communication for retailers. From the commercial negotiation carried out by the buyers to the personalized local distribution operated for each store, the promotional data is optimized and the risk of error due to multiple data entry of commercial information is eliminated. Retailers manage their sales action plans autonomously through a SaaS platform.

Omnichannel communication poses a real challenge to today’s retail chains. They have to perform an almost surgical treatment of their data in order to compose not one but an infinite number of offers for their customers. Our data management tools, combined with the precision of ARMIS’ targeting tools, revolutionize the action plans of these brands and, above all, increase their commercial efficiency tenfold” says Rodolphe Bonnasse, Managing Director of CA Com.

Before this integration within our platforms, a series of manual steps was required to create a local advertising campaign: we had to export a stream of information from Omnipublish (promotional stream), rework said stream and then import it into ARMIS. Today, retailers can automatically generate campaigns in a few clicks. In addition to saving a lot of time and improving quality, this allows for a real industrialization,” add Dan Gomplewicz and David Baranes, co-founders of ARMIS.


CA COM GROUPE is a French technology company dedicated to the retail sector. Their tools allow the mass distribution’s actors to digitalize the production of their promotional operations which is the sector’s first vector of traffic.

With 30 years of expertise, the group has developed “data centric” software solutions to industrialize the commercial communication of brands by reorganizing all the internal processes of retailers.  All in order to produce customizable and omnichannel offers on a larger scale. Thanks to CA COM GROUPE, retailers can easily create ultra-precise operations that are as close as possible to the uses and desires of their customers and can be distributed via a multitude of channels. The OMNIPUBLISH platform created by CA COM GROUPE is today used by 7 of the 10 biggest French retailers.

ARMIS develops the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform built on artificial intelligence that enables retailers to generate omnichannel sales for their stores while reducing marketing costs. The platform transforms paper circulars and commercial campaigns into “multi-local” digital advertisements, i.e. optimally distributed around each store. This enables retailers to compete effectively with Internet giants like Amazon by leveraging their most powerful assets: their brands, offerings and physical stores. Based in Paris, ARMIS was born from the merger of the digital and retail advertising expertise of David Baranes, former VP Market Development of AppNexus (now Xandr, a subsidiary of AT&T), a world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, former Director of Strategy and Innovation at E. Leclerc. For more information, and @Armis_Tech


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