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GeoCircling: ARMIS creates the most accurate digital geotargeting technology on the market



GeoCircling is a major step forward in online geotargeting that removes the need for third-party cookies and is compliant with

the GDPR. It allows for unprecedented optimization of advertising investments.


A technological breakthrough in response to customer issues

Since 2016, ARMIS has been helping retailers to digitize their print circulars and sales operations. Its customers include big names in the industry such as Monoprix, the Mousquetaires group, Norauto and Stokomani.

Traditional geo-targeting methods on digital platforms (Google, Facebook, DSP for Display, etc.) create two pain points for this type of retailers with numerous stores, in close proximity to one another: 

  • –     Overlapping advertising distribution areas of two stores of the same brand that are geographically close to one another.
  • –     Advertising distribution area that is too large and not necessarily reaching the right targets. 

The digital platforms allow to set up geo-targeting using either a circle or postal codes to define the advertising broadcast area.  However, these methods can be imprecise, even problematic. For example, Toulouse, France’s fourth most densely populated city, only has one postal code. Thus, if we were to rely on this targeting method, all of the stores in Toulouse would advertise to the same consumers. 

Thanks to GeoCircling, ARMIS divides by 3 the overlap ratio between stores of the same retailers.


Surgical-precision targeting to optimize promotional campaigns on all digital platforms

GeoCircling generates a combination of small circles, perfectly matching the catchment area of each store. This technological breakthrough therefore eliminates the risk of competition between two points of sale and targets people who are most likely to come and visit the store, regardless of the distribution channel (Google, Facebook, Instagram, DSP for Display, Waze, etc.). This technology also makes it possible to create different multiple locations targeting depending on the operation setup, such as a customer acquisition campaign, which will require the initial zone to be broadened.


“Our technology fully optimizes the digital distribution of a promotional campaign. It generates less targeting imprecisions while ensuring that a relevant advertising message is delivered to each consumer according to their location. It is also very simple and easy to implement: everything is automated.” explains Gaëlle Maurugeon, Head of Product Management at ARMIS. 

For example, for a 600 store campaign across France, GeoCircling will automatically create 12,000 circles. This operation is carried out end to end in one click and will take about 2 hours to be deployed. Manually, this would represent several days of work for one employee.

The IRIS zone system, on which ARMIS targeting is partly based, has equivalents all over the world. Building on its French leadership and starting this year, the company will offer GeoCircling to its international target markets in Southern Europe, Belgium and the United States. 


ARMIS develops the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform built on Artificial Intelligence that enables retailers to boost omnichannel sales for their stores while reducing marketing costs. The platform generates automatically local digital campaigns for each store – called “multilocal” campaigns – out of print circulars or sales operations. It enables retailers to compete effectively with Internet giants like Amazon by leveraging their most powerful assets: their brands, product offerings and physical stores. Based in Paris, ARMIS was born from the mix of expertise in technology and retail from David Baranes, former VP Market Development of AppNexus (now Xandr, a subsidiary of AT&T), a world leader in online advertising technologies, and Dan Gomplewicz, former Director of Strategy and Innovation at E. Leclerc. For more informations, et @Armis_Tech


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